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Our Plastic Free consultants are qualified to accompany companies undergoing certification in every process described.

Moreover, they are qualified to provide additional and optional consultancies to help companies improve their environmental performance.

Plastic Free Training

We develop training courses for organisations, institutions, companies to learn more about alternative materials to plastics, discover innovative solutions on the market, learn how to recognise fossil-based products and solutions with reduced environmental impact.

Educate your employees to be Plastic Free!

Our Plastic Free consultants provide 2-hour online or in-person lessons for up to 20 participants focused on the following points:

  • what is plastic;
  • what’s the problem with plastic;
  • the different types and how to recognise them;
  • solutions and good practices;
  • Biodegradability and compostability; definitions, standards and labels;
  • plastic-free materials;
  • the PFC strategy for a successful transition;

It can be activated either simultaneously with or apart from the certification process under the PFS-S (link a Business).

Sustainable Solutions Research

Our Plastic Free consultants constantly carry out in-depth research in the reference territories to identify the most innovative, effective, sustainable and, above all, applicable solutions for the various cases. It is therefore possible to request specific and personalized advice to identify the alternatives to disposable plastics most suitable for the various contexts and available in the reference territories, in accordance with the strategy outlined by the Plastic Free Standard.

Plastic Free consultants will provide support in the development of a feasible and effective reduction plan and suggest suppliers capable of proposing the most innovative solutions that the reference market offers.

It can be activated either simultaneously with or apart from the certification process under the PFS-S (link a Business).

Monitoring Accompaniment

Our Plastic Free consultants also provide ongoing, constant and timely support in managing the Plastic Free - Management System certification processes.

If you prefer to focus on operational processes in the Plastic Free transition and maximize your efforts in the Assessment, Reduction Plan Drafting and Monitoring phases, request specific advice on the certification process. Your consultant can facilitate the compilation of the monitoring file and assist you in every aspect of the certification process so that you can arrive at the audit verification in the best possible way.

Surveillance Audit

A simulation of the official audit by which you can ensure that you have done everything necessary to witness and enhance your Plastic Free efforts.


Here is a list of some of our qualified Plastic Free consultants:

Massimiliano Cifeca
Territory: Italy
Languages: ITA - ENG

Giovanni Sanna
Territory: Italy (Prov. di Trento)
Languages: ITA - ENG

Francesca Maglitto
Territory: Italy (Prov. di Trento)
Languages: ITA - ENG

Robert Kropfitsch
Territory: Italy (Milan)
Languages: ITA - ENG - DE

Asia Baroni
Territory: Italy (Milan)
Languages: ITA - ENG - FR - ES

Michela Catenazzi
Territory: Italy (Milan)
Languages: ITA

Claudia Spanò
Territory: Italy (Milan)
Languages: ITA - ENG

Andrea Matteo Amato
Territory: Italy (Milan)
Languages: ITA

Eandy Xie Yi Jun
Territory: Singapore
Languages: ENG - CH

Nicola Di Giorgio
Territory: Belgium
Languages: ENG - FR - ITA - FL

Davide Armani
Territory: Italy (Prov. di Bolzano)
Languages: ITA - DE - ENG

Maria Grazia Mugheddu
Territory: Italy (Prov. di Bolzano)
Languages: ITA - ENG - RU

Silvia Nigro
Territory: Italy (Prov. di Bolzano)
Languages: ITA

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with our certification you calculate the CO2 saved

thanks to the collaboration with the University of L'Aquila
it is now possible to calculate how many kg of CO2 equivalent can be saved by applying the certification procedure of Plastic Free Certification
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