Villa Gelsomino, a boutique hotel plastic free in the heart of Santa Margherita Ligure

by Michele

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Who are you? What do you do?

Hello everyone I’m Giorgia and I work together with my colleagues Barbara and Maya in a boutique hotel in the heart of Santa Margherita Ligure. Villa Gelsomino, built in 1874, welcomes our guests in a combination of nature, elegance and authenticity, all framed by the beautiful view of the promontory of Portofino.

Indicate a phrase that represents you.

Our motto is: Feel at home away from home. Every moment of the stay is a relaxing cuddle that gives moments of happiness but also leaves the awareness of our green thinking.

Villa Gelsomino Exclusive House was born in 2020 and our mission is to protect the Planet through daily action. Being sustainable while safeguarding the beauty that surrounds us is a challenge to face every day.

What difficulties have you encountered / are you experiencing?

The greatest difficulty we encounter is to find alternatives to strike the right balance.

For example, to reduce CO2 emissions every year, we plant trees in different countries around the world and we are trying to totally cut down the use of disposable plastic.

Who would you recommend this certification to?

I would recommend this certification to every company or business that like us is aware of having a certain environmental impact.

Tell us about a place you love and would like to defend

We live in a wonderful world and it is our duty to take care of it every day.

Thank you from all the staff of Villa Gelsomino and send you a greeting.


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